Centro Agro Alimentare di Torino

Logistics platforms

Logistics platforms


Buildings 06 East and 06 West are the flagships of the Agrifood Centre in Turin.

These insulated structures are used by the wholesale entrepreneurs of the Center for a variety of services.

The two warehouses together have a total area of just under 12,000 square meters.

Some important wholesale companies are also located in Buildings 06 East and West apart from their own fruit and vegetables stands in buildings 01 and 05.

Products for large-scale retailers leave from the East and West Buildings 06. These are products from all parts of the world, including goods from Piedmont destined perhaps to supply schools and hospitals in the region, or to the nearby port of Genoa to supply cruise ships in transit, or to major chain stores scattered around Piedmont or neighboring regions. In the East and West Buildings 06 there are also companies offering logistics services solely aimed at providing support for important and diverse customers of the market. Such customers want to deal with the purchase of goods, thus delegating the transportation, lot-splitting, loading the trucks for movement to logistic centers who ensure the cold-chain processes and on-time delivery within Piedmont and beyond.

Depending on the customers’ need these two buildings also provide the advantage of ‘cold service’ with several cold rooms being available for fruit and vegetables bought at CAAT or direct from the producer.

These are structures that allow the wholesalers to provide extremely fast operational response depending upon market and customer requirements. They can therefore rapidly respond to any changes in demand or urgent requests and convey large quantities of goods to multiple destinations in a short space of time. Here the goods are loaded onto the transport mediums means via mobile ramps, and then on to all areas of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d' Aosta. Over the last few years the Agrifood Centre of Turin has structured and intensified its trade relations with France and fruit and vegetables now reach the market places in Nice and Lyon, from where they are then also sent to the market places in Paris.