Networking and social collaborations

Shareholders of CAAT place a great deal of importance on collaboration with external bodies, organisations, and associations. In fact, the Centre collaborates with training institutions (schools and universities), as well as associations in the tertiary sector.

In order to ensure CAAT’s networking role, it should be noted that the company is a founding partner and member of Italmercati, the first business network aimed at regaining market power.


Through a single point of representation, the Business Network aims to return centrality to agri-food centres and operators.
CAAT recognises the importance of networking, as the ability to compare and collaborate with other subjects enables the expansion of cultural and operational horizons, thereby improving management efficiency.

Italmercati's mission

  • Sharing of management and logistical knowledge and experiences.
  • Promoting and developing a specific regulation of the distribution chain and traceability of agri-food products, aimed at checking and improving quality along the supply chain in relation to agri-food markets, including the establishment of specific unique brands and disciplinary measures on a national level.
  • Assisting network companies and, through them, companies established in the market to obtain quality certificates. This is intended to harmonise quality standards across the sector on a national level.
  • Promoting and developing specific regulations of agri-food markets, primarily from a legal and fiscal perspective, which are sensitive to the specificities and public interest of the sector.
  • Promoting and developing strategies aimed at achieving synergies and savings in favour of all participants in the network on the management costs of the markets, including sharing processes of purchasing goods and managing services.
  • Promoting and developing strategies aimed at achieving savings and revenue synergies for all participants in the network. This includes the establishment of integrated services related to logistics, distribution and conservation of agri-food products, both in Italy and abroad, with particular reference to the fresh produce chain.