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The Turin agri-food centre (CAAT) is among the top three agri-food centres in Italy. Located in the municipalities of Rivoli and Grugliasco, it is one of the most modern facilities on the national scene and is primarily used for wholesale agri-food trade. The enclosed area includes buildings, car parks, green areas and roadways.
CAAT represents a natural continuation of the old Fruit and Vegetable Market in Via Giordano Bruno in a modern key, not only for the city, but also for the Piedmont Region. With its new location in Grugliasco, CAAT continues to provide citizens with a public utility service relating to the distribution of fruit and vegetables.
As a link between the places of production and consumption of fruit and vegetables, the centre ensures the best possible user experience and purchasing opportunities. In fact, the centre houses a number of important businesses engaged in the marketing and in some cases even the processing of wholesale fruit and vegetable products.
A dense network of actors is connected through CAAT to complete the entire life cycle of fruit and vegetable products: procurement, storage, processing, and marketing.
The centre thus has become
a meeting place for wholesale and retail traders, logistics operators, and local producers. Furthermore, the activity has a strong territorial connotation, which has allowed for strong ties to be formed with small producers and the community as a whole, including training programmes and volunteer organisations.

Handling operators
Local producers

Our numbers

The centre currently has 79 wholesalers, 22 handling operators, 150 local producers from Turin, Cuneo and Asti, traders from the 46 district markets of Turin, retailers from Piedmont and neighbouring regions (Valle d’Aosta and Liguria), as well as numerous trade associations.

Moreover, It manages supplies for export to some areas in the south of France. CAAT’s geographical coverage includes Turin, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, and part of Liguria, as well as large quantities of products sold to major importers beyond the Alps. 

The Centre is a joint-stock consortium primarily owned by public entities, such as the City of Turin, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the Piedmont Region, and the Cities of Orbassano, Rivoli and Grugliasco

Our stakeholder

The primary stakeholders of CAAT’s operational soul include buyers, wholesalers, local producers, and logistic operators, and it is for this reason that, where specified, this Sustainability Report will also include these parties in the context of certain topics.