Code of Ethics

In order to ensure that policies and control systems are effective, CAAT promotes the creation of an environment that is characterised by a strong sense of ethical integrity.

In this perspective, the Centre applies, respects and encourages compliance with the ethical-behavioural principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, the principles and measures adopted in the Planning and Management Document on Transparency and Corruption Prevention, and the related Regulations of the Centre.

The Code of Ethics establishes the duties and responsibilities of the company toward all those who come into contact with the entity and vice versa; it defines general and abstract principles and standards of conduct. Finally, it strengthens the reputation of the organisation and strengthens the relationship of trust with the subjects who come into contact with its operations.

Protection of competition: consumer price index

The protection of competition: the Asseveration of labour relations

Organisation and management model - General part

Planning and Prevention of Corruption and Transparency Document 2023-2025

Procedure for reporting offences

Ethical-behavioural principles

Fairness and equality

Protection and enhancement of the person

Diligence and transparency


Integrity and honesty



Efficiency and effectiveness

Protection of competition

Better for health

Protecting the environment