Providing access to a wide-ranging and immersive digital publication and communication system, accessible from outside the CAAT logistics structure, for educational, informative, choice-oriented purposes with regard to the

17 UN SDGs / EU ESGs, and the 169 targets.

Development of the publishing infrastructure – application software – and high-quality immersive digital content the development of CAAT storytelling and the management of its multichannel distribution.

Type of information content

Video, Virtual Reality video, visual and textual content.

Development of the publication infrastructure – application software – and high-quality immersive digital content for the development of CAAT storytelling and the management of its multichannel distribution.

Nature of content
Informative push of content from CAAT Magazine, creation and syndication of Rich Content in Virtual Reality, to protect and implement the institutional, marketing-oriented and value-driven dissemination of the activities of professional operators in the supply chain, as well as the supply chain as a whole: stakeholders, territory, bodies and institutions, educational institutions.

Motivation and impact

In some respects, this intervention is an immediate complement to the two previous interventions:

of Intervention 2 – Internal Communication / Digital Signage, but in relation to all stakeholders outside of the physical structure of CAAT and with an important value in relation to the primary role played by the Turin agri-food Centre in the production and distribution chain and towards communities in the area, including the final consumers.

The functional and finalisation link with intervention 1 – Dynamic Price Survey also makes explicit its intent: by using digitisation, it is intended to provide a service for professionals within the supply chain that is of immediate use, but is also capable of being extended to very large clusters of users based on both the quantity of data and the relevance and significance of statistical aggregations.

By creating and nurturing an external digital communication platform with widespread and inclusive accessibility – the objective of this intervention – it is possible to scale up the impact of this intervention: the CAAT acknowledges its barycentric role within a sectoral chain which includes citizens-consumers, young people, and educational institutions by definition.

Providing reliable information, promoting the best practices of producers and other participants in the supply chain, contributing to food education, promoting behaviour that reduces food waste upstream, and disseminating information on existing and planned initiatives – in collaboration with third-party operators, as CAAT already does – to limit the current damage: these are some of the expected impacts of this project measure.


Push information via mobile app or PWA, web site, newsletter. Video storytelling Virtual Reality [developed through Cardboard] Feeding CAAT social media channels.