Waste disposal

At CAAT we promote sustainable development strategies aimed at protecting the environment.

In order to make the Centre increasingly sustainable, we have adopted a management system certified with ISO 14001, an international standard of environmental excellence.

As a result, manufacturers and wholesalers have access to an efficient waste collection and management system to improve waste recovery. Furthermore, we have launched numerous initiatives to improve energy efficiency and convert to electric vehicles.

Ongoing security

CAAT operates a supervision and Customer Care service consisting of a reception and assistance function to its users, in order to ensure compliance with the Centre Regulations and all other regulations in force. The purpose of this service is to provide a point of reference for all Centre users.

The Centre’s real estate assets are protected by a video surveillance system consisting of more than 60 cameras. This system is available to law enforcement agencies in compliance with current regulations regarding the privacy and security of personal information.

Emergency and maintenance support

In order to provide support to the user, a centralised maintenance facility is available Monday through Friday, from 2:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Logistics and picking services

As a result of the comprehensive customer support offered by CAAT, companies that provide logistics services, such as receiving the goods to be shipped, order picking, and much more. All this ensures the integrity of the cold chain and punctuality of delivery wherever it is required.

What else can we offer you?

In order to promote eco-friendly mobility, we promote territorial sustainability initiatives that reduce pollution risks, safeguard public health, and conserve energy. As a result, two double socket charging stations are available with a reduced rate for charging electric vehicles.
In order to move around the Centre, electric vehicles are also used by some contracting companies, including the surveillance service team that employs electric cars for patrol purposes.

Additionally, the Centre offers cold storage rooms for fruit and vegetables, as well as a medical suite and meeting room.

Electric charging stations
Two double socket charging stations
Medical room
Medical room always available
Meeting room
A meeting room on request

I servizi aggiuntivi

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