Our sustainable development goals

The company has identified three areas as the most urgent and on which it must commit in the short term: environment, social, and governance. As such, the themes are consistent with some of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and the Global Compact, which are viewed as commitments that are not only local and narrowly focused, but are also part of a global framework of policies promoted by the international community at large.

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CAAT's five key objectives

SDGs - Sustainability Development Goals

Clean and sustainable energy

Target 7

In order to maintain responsible consumption, CAAT has chosen an energy supplier who is certified and guarantees a high proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix.

Fair work and economic growth

Target 8

Additionally to the direct employees of CAAT, thousands of workers are employed in the facility every day, including wholesalers, buyers, local producers, and logistics operators.

Sustainable cities and communities

Objective 11

As a leading supplier of agri-food products to Turin, the North-West region and the South-East region of France, CAAT has an important role to play.

Responsible consumption and production

Objective 12

CAAT promotes a responsible way of both producing and consuming, enhancing the responsibility of those involved in production both downstream and upstream of the supply chain.

Climate action

Objective 13

As a result, CAAT recognizes the importance of climate protection and pays particular attention to choosing practices that will not negatively affect the ecosystem.

Green CAAT

Green CAAT

Social CAAT

Social CAAT