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Fighting food waste

Over the course of its history, CAAT has collaborated with a variety of associations primarily with the aim of reducing food waste by turning it into a resource and promoting its redistribution.

After years of collaboration with Caritas and Banco Alimentare, a very fruitful collaboration was initiated with “Solidarietà alimentare” and “Carovana Salvacibo” associations, following the 2020 pandemic. Associations such as these are comprised of young people who engage in weekly discussions with wholesalers to collect food surpluses, sort them, and distribute them free of charge to associations that then distribute them to individual households who live in poverty or difficult situations. For the purpose of better organising the recovery and redistribution of food surpluses, CAAT has committed to allocating a space, referred to as the ‘House of the Third Sector’.

690 tonnes
Recovered in 2020
631 tonnes
Recovered in 2021

Food surplus recovery

Recovered and donated food surpluses

Food education

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, food sustainability is another important theme for the Centre, which is promoted through a number of activities for conscious consumption.

Believing that conscious consumption is a lifestyle, touching every daily activity, rather than just a method for purchasing goods, it has been CAAT’s goal to promote initiatives and projects in cooperation with local educational institutions.

In particular, we would like to draw attention to the “Schools Project”, which was designed to raise awareness among primary school students regarding seasonality, regional character of some products, food safety, and waste reduction.

The CAAT has also entered into an important partnership with the IFSE Culinary Institute, a local institution of international recognition in the field of gastronomic education. We will ensure and disseminate to the consumer and catering world the knowledge and appreciation of the product from the land to the table.

Support for local production

CAAT attaches a great deal of importance to the local dimension of its products and services, since for many small businesses, CAAT is the only commercial outlet for them to reach the market.

Turin and its province are considered local, but the Centre’s supply chain extends across the Piedmontese and national regions as well as internationally.

From a strictly gastronomic point of view as well as from the perspective of traditions and values that have been passed down over time, Piedmontese agri-food products represent a true heritage of quality and typicality.
Due to the quality, typicality, and tradition of its products, CAAT is committed to preserving the local dimension of its operations by engaging local producers and initiating comparisons with their respective trade associations.

Enhancement of local products
Azioni intraprese
Promotion of regional products
130 local producers associated with CAAT

Promotion of local products