CAAT is among the top three agri-food centres in Italy. It represents a solid and unique reality in the area that can positively affect the distribution of fresh produce and local products, thereby benefitting both traders and end users.

In order to contribute to an increasingly connected, informed, fair and equitable agri-food system, we aim to influence and promote a sustainable evolution of the distribution process so that each product of the earth is delivered in an intact state of freshness, quality, and value to the consumer.

We have a broad vision

Our vision is in line with the goal of sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Similarly, the Industrial Development Plan outlined a number of guidelines, including:

  • improvement of the Centre’s waste collection and management system
  • energy efficiency
  • promoting sustainable forms of mobility and logistics
  • reducing food waste by supporting initiatives for the donation of food no longer intended for sale
  • promoting the sustainable use of packaging
  • enhancement of local products

Our values

It is the mission of the Centre to provide the best possible access to fresh fruit and vegetables in a winning mix of facilities, services and high quality products processed directly by established commercial establishments. As a result, the Centre serves as a guarantee for wholesalers, agricultural producers, and, more generally, for customers and final consumers. The Centre thus plays a barycentric role aimed at bringing benefits to consumers and to wholesale and retail businesses.
Ensuring the best usability of excellent fruit and vegetable products, as well as taking responsibility for stakeholders, are among the values that underlie the activities. Thus, for some years, the Centre has been pursuing a path of sustainability, in order to achieve its values and objectives, both socially and environmentally.

Our commitment

Considering that the organisation has a strong territorial connotation, all members must take responsibility for their activities.
Consequently, in 2020 the Centre established an environmental policy, in accordance with its Articles of Association and Regulations. The purpose of this policy is to contribute to the Piedmont Region’s sustainable development strategy.