All activities of the Centre are guided by an essential principle of transparency toward all stakeholders.

In our view, tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin that must guide us toward future challenges without losing sight of the past that has characterised this important reality. All this is what motivates our choices, i.e always placing a focus on projects that contribute to the development of people, families, territories, and companies, which ensure sustainability of the agri-food sector.The goal is to look ahead and build a future without leaving anyone behind.

Corporate Structure

C.A.A.T. shareholding structure S.c.p.A.

AZIONISTI % Numero totale azioni Valore totale azione (euro)
City of Turin 87.96 59,247,694 30,216,323.94
C.C.I.A. di Torino [Turin Chamber of Commerce] 7.69 5,182,780 2,643,217.80
Piedmont Region 0.79 533,710 272,192.10
City of Orbassano 0.10  70,449 35,928.99
City of Grugliasco 0.04 27,738 14,146.38
City of Rivoli 0.04 26,686 13,609.86
 total pubblic sector  96.67 65,089,057 33,195,419.07
Unicredit S.p.A. 1.32 885,867 451,792.17
Dexia Crediop S.p.A. 1.32 885,867 451,792.17
S.I.TO. S.p.A. [Socità Interporto di Torino] 0.50 333.534 170,102.34
APGO [Association of Piedmontese Wholesalers of Fruit and Vegetables] 0.16 106.742  54,438.42
ASCOM 0.04 26.686 13,609.86
CONFESERCENTI (Confederation of Italian SMEs) 0.04 26.686 13.609,86
total private sector 3.36 2,265,382 1,155,344.82
Total Amount 100.00  67,354,439 34,350,763.89

The Directors


in office following the Shareholders’ Meeting of 14/07/2020


in office following the Shareholders’ Meeting of 14/07/2020

Marco Lazzarino
Board member
Ornella Cravero
Board member
Carmelo Bruno
Board member
Roberta Baima Poma
Board member
Stefano Cavaglià
Dr Marco Giuseppe Bigoni
Statutory Auditor (until 26/10/2021)
Dr Gabriella Nardelli
Statutory Auditor (from 27/10/2021 to 18/05/2022)
Dr Maria Carmela Scandizzo
Statutory Auditor (from 18/05/2022)
Dr Miriam Denise Caggiano
Statutory auditor
Mr Roberto Bianco
Alternate Auditors
Dr Maria Carmela Scandizzo (until 26/10/2021 and from 18/5/2022)
Dr Luigi Bruno


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