As a result of the digitisation of access procedures, access flows and mobility, both internal and external, will be smoother and quicker, and CAAT users and operators may avoid congestion caused by authentication and payment procedures.

By undertaking this project, CAAT addresses and simplifies the complex regulation and charging process for access and timetables: a streamlined process of accreditation / badging, purchasing access cards / swiping cards in the reader, which today leads to delays, traffic and/or security problems, overloaded activities at the gatehouses, circumvention problems, a lack of capillary control, and the impossibility of globalising access system management.

Motivation and impact

  • Modernisation, innovation and digitisation
  • Simplification (reduction of user categories and tariffs)
  • Improved road access with streamlining of barrier traffic (number plate reading system) and reduction of queuing
  • More control over access by vehicle (impossibility of access by any vehicle other than those declared during the purchase of the access pass)
  • Accreditation, membership, and ticket purchase methods will be diversified (new Web Portal, new Acceptance Office, and new Automatic Cashier system)
  • Increased contactless modes (new Web Portal and new Automatic Cashier)
  • Streamlining the gatehouse’s workload
  • As a result of VOIP technology, it will also be possible to provide user support on the move and from any location within the Market Centre.
  • Global control of the entire access system thanks to NSI
  • Increased speed and accuracy in pricing (thanks to connection with MIT)
  • Real-time statistical data availability and usability
  • Ensuring continuity in service delivery


  • a LPR camera will be installed in each lane, which will be able to read the number plate of the vehicle.
  • in order to operate the cameras, lane entry will be employed (the technology to be installed for presence detection will be at the supplier’s discretion).
  • bars and their operation
  • manual operation of the bars by the concierge
  • the RFID encoding standard
  • presence detection system
  • there is a new double height column (cars and trucks) that can accommodate two touch screen displays, two contactless RFID readers, two QR code readers, and two VOIP intercoms.
  • display of information on a LCD for user interaction
  • LPR camera system with licence plate reading and infrared reading system including support pole,
    UPS backup unit in the event of power failure