A total of two buildings are used for the activities, and it is here that fruit and vegetable products from around the world arrive every day at the CAAT ScpA.

It is in these buildings that the professionals of our sector demonstrate their commercial expertise and experience.

70.000 sq m
Total surface area
48.000 sq m
Sales area
Established companies

Building 01

The main building of the complex is building 01, which is approximately 700 meters long and 72 meters wide.
Its total area, also calculating the “Tettoia Grandi Vettori”, is 70,000 sq m, of which over 48,000 dedicated to the sales area leased to wholesale companies. The building is home to 87 companies, both large and small, united by passion, competence, and professionalism.


There are many people in the market who are always in a hurry and usually move on dozens of vehicles that transport rapidly huge amounts of fruit that are purchased and sold in the most diverse and heterogeneous ways. It is sometimes very easy to reach an agreement on a market price (among the most competitive in Italy) for products.

Fruit and Vegetables

Each day, you can observe the beauty of the changing colors of the seasons in the fruit and vegetable products displayed. This affects both those who come to visit us for the first time as well as those who work with us every day.

Work day

Before the Centre opens to customers, entrepreneurs and handlers display the newly arrived goods directly from domestic and foreign producers prominently within their sales stands.

A few hours after purchase, the products are already available at the points of sale of customers in nearby cities and regions.

Building 05

Building 05 is the second building destined for the Market. It is smaller and it is here where the established companies are able to provide some services that are particularly appreciated by certain buyers, such as restaurateurs and hoteliers.