What does it mean to be part of CAAT?

Setting up your business at CAAT means choosing a highly strategic logistics hub just outside Turin.

In addition to providing a direct link between the production and consumption areas, CAAT can have a positive impact on the distribution of fresh produce and local products.

By establishing your business at CAAT, you will be choosing a well-known and recognised location that is well-served and equipped with a number of dedicated services.

Signing up for the supplier register

Signing up for the supplier register
In order to register in the CAAT Supplier Register, and thus be invited to participate in negotiation procedures, it is necessary to register on the CAAT portal “Tuttogare”.

You are required to complete the following steps after you have registered on the CAAT “Tuttogare” portal:

  • Access your reserved area by clicking the Login button and enter your credentials
  • Click on Supplier Register from the left menu.
  • Click on Object in the Register of interest.
  • Download and fill out the required Forms, and sign them electronically.
  • Click on Request Activation and upload the forms.
  • Click on Save and Send.

Learn about the regulations and procedures

It is possible for economic operators to request registration on the List of suppliers and service providers of CAAT SCPA through the Digital Platform for the management of Computerised Lists of CAAT ScpA.

Whenever CAAT has to identify an economic operator to whom to assign a service, job or supply, it adheres to the provisions of the Regulations for the award of works, services, and supplies.

CAAT publishes its calls for tenders in the Call for Proposals section of its website.

Request for registration in the List of suppliers and service providers

Rules for works, services, and supplies