In the Turin agri-food centre, the 06 East and 06 West Buildings are the primary focus of interest. They are insulated warehouses that are used by the Wholesale Entrepreneurs of the Centre for a wide range of purposes.

Together, the two areas cover just under 12,000 sq m.

Listed below are some of the most important wholesale companies, some of whose owners also maintain stands for the sale of fruit and vegetables at Buildings 01 and 05, although this is not a requirement.

2 properties
Insulated storage areas
12,000 sq m
Total area
Wholesalers offering services

Buildings 06 East and 06 West

From Buildings 06 east and west depart the products destined for large-scale distribution that come from all over the world. This also includes Piedmontese merchandise that may be required by hospitals and schools, products that reach the nearby port of Genoa to be delivered to cruise ships, or goods that must be delivered to major chains of shops scattered throughout the region or in its neighbouring region.

Logistic services

In these buildings there are also companies that offer exclusively logistic services. This is to provide support to an important and diverse clientèle of the Market wishing to deal exclusively with the purchase of goods, which entrust the receipt of the items, separation of loads (picking), loading of vehicles (incorporating a multitude of stages within and outside the region) to logistics experts who will ensure the cold chain and punctuality of the delivery wherever this takes place.
Those customers who request it may also take advantage of the cold supply service, as the cold rooms are intended primarily for the storage of fruit and vegetable products purchased at CAAT or perhaps outside, during production.

A quick response to all needs

As a result, established wholesalers are able to respond rapidly to market demands and above all to the needs of customers by establishing these structures. This means that they are able to adapt to the changes and urgencies of those who must transport large quantities of goods to numerous destinations in a short period of time.
The goods that transit in these facilities and that are loaded on the vehicles using the mobile ramps with which they are equipped, reach the whole of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d ‘Aosta. Finally, it has been structured and the commercial relations with France have intensified, with the fruit and vegetables of the Turin agri-food centre reaching the platforms of Nice and Lyon, from where they will arrive to Paris.