Who can buy at CAAT?

The CAAT market is open to all professionals holding a VAT number working in the field of agri-food products and related activities.

You will need an access card in order to purchase the products and take advantage of all the services.

How do you become a buyer?

The centre is open for purchasing operations by professionals in the food market, both retail and wholesale, operators of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, as well as private citizens – during the hours dedicated to them.
You can learn about the requirements for becoming a customer by visiting the Badge Office at the Entrance Centre.


In order to apply for an access card, you must have the following documents:

  • valid identity document
  • passport photo
  • a valid Chamber of Commerce company registration
  • registration certificate
  • copy of residence permit for non-EU users
    (per i lavoratori dipendenti) copia di uno dei seguenti documenti: buste paga, contratti di lavoro, attestato di avvenuta assunzione, dichiarazioni consulente del lavoro riportante il nominativo interessato.

(for employees) a copy of one of the following documents: pay slips, employment contracts, proof of successful recruitment, or a statement from the employment consultant bearing the employee’s name.
For the purpose of issuing a CAAT access card, some forms regarding the release of liability in the event of accidents or illnesses must be signed and accepted.

The documents delivered must contain only the following data:

  • employer’s company name
  • worker’s name
  • Employee’s date of employment and reference period

Any other data that may be present on the documents must have been removed or hidden by the applicant before the issuance/renewal of the card, otherwise, the applicant will be unable to receive the document from the personnel in charge and therefore unable to proceed with the issuance/renewal process.
These specifications apply to any document that may be required.

For information, contact the Guardian of the Centre on 011-3495415 (available 24/7)