Why choose a space in the CAAT fruit and vegetable market?

Located in Turin, CAAT is a central player in the Piedmontese agri-food sector and a privileged supplier to the main artisans of gastronomic excellence.

An essential place for professionals in the food sector, the Turin agri-food centre is known and recognised by both producers and consumers. It offers a wide variety of quality products and is at the forefront of health, hygiene and food safety.

Fruit and vegetable area

Building 01 and 05

The main building of the complex is building 01, which is approximately 700 meters long and 72 meters wide.
Its total area is 70,000 sq m, of which more than 48,000 are dedicated to the sales area which is home to wholesale companies.

Building 05 is the second building destined for the Market. It is smaller and it is here where the established companies are able to provide some services that are particularly appreciated by certain buyers, such as restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Building 05 also houses activities related to processing, transformation, and logistics of agri-food products as well as other operations that contribute to the improvement of the Centre.

Producer areas

Building 01 and 02

The producer area is located both within Building 01 (the large fruit and vegetable market) and Building 02.

Owners and family members of the 170 production farms are housed in these facilities, where they exhibit their seasonal products grown with passion and skill on their farms. They come from all over Piedmont and have a purpose: to make the most of the fruits of their labour in the fields.

Individual spaces can be leased in accordance with the Centre Regulations and other internal as well as contractual rules governing tenants’ privileges and characteristics.

CAAT does not assume any burden or obligation to negotiate or conclude space leases. This should not be construed as an offer to the public or as a solicitation to the public for savings, or a request for expressions of interest. Instead, it is merely a listing of possible spaces within the Centre that may be attributable to CAAT for lease.