Your safety is our priority

The facility is secured by a private security company whose responsibilities include monitoring the correct use of the facilities, providing support to users, and ensuring compliance with the Centre’s rules and regulations.

Activities of Security Officers

  • Checking the entry cards of those within the perimeter of the Centre
  • Spot-check of the regularity of goods’ unloading
  • Ensuring that all users are using the facility correctly and in a good manner
  • Supervising compliance with the timetables for the various phases of activities
  • Monitoring of the road network inside the buildings and in the grey areas (in all common parts)
  • Surveillance and minimising waste

Video surveillance

CAAT ScpA’s real estate assets are protected by a video surveillance system, consisting of more than 60 cameras, while also ensuring the safety of people within the Centre by utilizing modern technological solutions supported by I.A.

The system is at the complete disposal of the police forces, which constantly monitor it in accordance with the current regulations on privacy and security of personal data.

Telephone number for users

+39 340 74 22 789 | available 24/7