Generated value

The value generated by the CAAT can be viewed from different perspectives.
In terms of sustainability, as well as the relationship with the stakeholders, focusing on the economic dimension, the Added Value represents the ability of the CAAT to generate wealth and then distribute it to the various stakeholders by means of a quantitative expression. The total wealth generated by revenues is calculated by subtracting net external costs.

2020 2021
Economic value generated through revenues 5,831,754 5,856,832
External costs (net of contractual cost rollover) 3,183,470 3,050,604
Economic added value 2,648,284 2,806,228

Distribution of added value

The Added Value is equal to 2,806,228, which is an indicator of how much wealth (economic-financial) CAAT has created through its activities over the period of time considered. In order for sustainability to be achieved, we must focus on the distribution of resources. In regard to the interlocutors involved, the focus is not on the maximisation of the conditions of effectiveness and efficiency of management (as in the “classic” economic-financial analysis) but rather on the evaluation of the methods of generating economic value in a way that is “sustainable”. 

Furthermore, it is also possible to identify the modalities of “sustainability” of the distribution over time to the different stakeholders (subjects).

The Economic Added Value of 2021 is equal to 47.9% of the revenues (45.4% in 2020).