organic lemons
Primofiore lemon
Product in Sicilia (Italy)

The Primofiore lemon is the most classic winter lemon, embodying the generosity of the land of Sicily: lots of juice and precious, fragrant essential oils, a strong flavour with high acidity, an elongated shape and medium-large size.
The vitamin C in which it is rich strengthens the immune system and promotes digestive and antioxidant functions as well as helping to purify the skin.
In the winter months, the consumption of lemons guards against the typical seasonal ills. In combination with honey, the juice of the lemon gives rise to a truly portentous mix of trace elements, vitamins, bactericides and antibiotics.
Like all Citrus lemons, the skin of Primofiore is untreated. Our producers’ lemon groves are cultivated in an environmentally friendly way, so nature repays us with unparalleled citrus fruits, a concentrate of naturalness and goodness.

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