Meloni retati nel cesto visti dall’alto
Netted melon
Product in Italy

The netted melon has an oval shape, with a peel characterized by pronounced and continuous netting, regularly interrupted by green sundials as if to guide us already on the “slices” that we will taste. Freshly cut, the characteristic aromas emanating from the yellow-orange pulp are synonymous with freshness and taste. The pulp has an intense orange color up to light salmon.

Melon contains a lot of water and is an important source of minerals, especially potassium and phosphorus. Orange-fleshed melon varieties are rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A and an important contribution to the care of skin exposed to the sun and eye health. White-fleshed melon varieties are characterized by a slightly lower sugar concentration and an even more marked thirst-quenching effect.

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