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The clementine or Citrus clementina is a citrus fruit belonging to the group of hybrids between mandarins and sweet oranges, which is why it is also commonly known by the name mandarancio. Clementines begin to form around mid-October and ripen during the winter months.

The ripening of clementines typically takes place in autumn, while the availability of the fruit continues until February. It flowers and bears fruit slowly and irregularly, as it is very susceptible to changes in temperature, and is harvested once a year. It is a variety of mandarin similar to oranges and mandarins in size and sweet, juicy flavour that never exceeds in acidity; the fruit, in fact, is obtained from a cross between the two, more precisely from the mandarin tree crossed with the bitter orange. The clementine tree is very similar to that of the mandarin, from which it differs in the leaves, which, in the case of the clementine, are larger.

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