pesche nettarine  su fondo bianco
Peaches Nectarines
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The nectarine is the fruit of the peach tree, a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family, native to China. It is a fleshy, rounded drupe, furrowed longitudinally on one side and containing a woody stone. Its season starts in mid-June until the end of September. The main difference between nectarines and other peaches is that the skin is smooth, due to a genetic mutation that gives them a smooth skin rather than the characteristic velvety skin of peaches.

The flavor is pleasant and thirst-quenching, the pulp is firm, fragrant and crunchy with a white or yellow colour. In addition to having a generous quantity of water, they are rich in fiber capable of preventing and treating constipation. Fibers are also very satiating, but fructose fails to provide the satiety reaction.

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